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A Message from our Executive Director, Scott S. BarrMr Scott Barr, Executive Director of the Shelby County United Way

Dear Shelby County Friends,

Thank your for visiting our Shelby County United Way website. As we start 2014, it is important to see the impact made in the community during 2013. First and Foremost, we raised just over $1,273,000 from a very generous community. This allowed for the funding of 27 agencies and programs.

The needs of Shelby County continue to grow and change. During the past year many agencies served record high clients. Compassionate Care served over 1,000 patients with more than 4,000 medical, dental, and lab appointments generating over 2 million dollars of in-kind pharmaceutical prescriptions to patients, in-kind lab work, and medical volunteers donated time. The Senior Center had a record high annual attendance and will break 40,000 annual visits in 2014. Alpha Community Center served over 35,000 meals to the hungry. The community wide elementary and middle school program (I.M.P.A.C.T. Program) administered through the Shelby County Juvenile Courts in its second year continues to receive more referrals from the local public, private and parochial schools. In the past year a 30% reduction of 15 years olds and younger entering the legal system was achieved. These and many more outcomes would not be possible without the generous support of our local residents, employees, and companies.

 35% of our campaign dollars came from corporate gifts with the remaining 65% local individuals and families.   Shelby County is a special place to live because of the compassion towards our fellow citizens. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I would like to thank all of our Donors, Campaign Leaders, Volunteers, and United Way Staff for your time and treasures. I look forward to an impactful 2014 where the Shelby County United Way can fulfill our mission “to continually identify, evaluate, and make possible the human services needed in our community.”

Scott S. Barr
Executive Director
Shelby County United Way


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